Doug Carone



Pastor Carone has been in the ministry for some forty years. He has helped pioneer and pastor two other churches in Mio and Lewiston, Michigan. He has been pastoring in the greater Detroit area now for many years. He is married to his one-time love Rose. They have five children, nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Pastor Carone has been in the ministry over 41 years and has been married to Rose over 51 years. durring this time he Started the First Baptist Church of Lewiston Michigan, and earned his Doctorate degree from Slidell Baptist Seminary. Pastor Carone has been the pastor over Bethany Baptist church for 19 years and is a faithful shepherd and gracious servant of God and man.  

DR. Douglas D. Carone also has a son that is following in his footsteps in the leadership of the church-Nathan Lee Carone , Assistant Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church 2006-2015.




Nathan Lee Carone Assistant Pastor 2006-present